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Locksmith Northallerton are a local run family business with over a decade of experience, we are your leading local security experts and cover Northallerton and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of services from, repairing and replacing existing locks to being with you very quickly if you get locked out.  We provide a 24hour emergency service, and we do not charge extra for weekend or holiday work. Maybe you need your need your mortice locks upgrading to British standard or you need to upgrade your Upvc locks to anti snap cylinders or maybe you are unsure of what type of locks you already have, just give Gavin a call and take advantage of our free no obligation quotes. You can reach Gavin direct on 07368491224<. We do not use call centres and our phones are not automated. Sir Locksalot locksmiths Northallerton operate a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service, so there is always someone here to answer your call or offer advice. We offer fixed prices and free quotes so the price you are quoted is the full price you will be charged. All work carried out by our locksmiths is fully guaranteed for one year from the date of completion.

locksmith northallertonHome Security

Your Wooden Doors

If you are looking to add extra security in your home then Sir locksalot locksmith Northallerton can help you with advice and guidance. We recommend all mortice locks should comply with BS3621 which means the locks have to be up to British Standard. We suggest that you check with your insurance company to see if you have the locks that they say you should have. If you don't then your policy may be void. The upgrades in the locks are, the bolt is 20mm long, the sides of the locks are fitted with a hardplate which means normal drill bits are ineffective against the plate, the locks have five levers which makes them harder to pick and the lock is fitted with what is known as a curtain. The curtain stops would be intruders from being able to manipulate the lock with regular lock picks. Most insurance policies will be void if you do not have Mortice locks up to British Standard.

Your upvc doors

All Upvc door should now be fitted with anti snap locks, we recommend ABS cylinders because they are the highest rated euro cylinder lock on the market, it has a three star BS Kite-mark and the best Sold secure diamond standard. You don't need security handles with these locks so it also saves you money.

Non Destructive Entry   locksmith northallerton

It doesn't matter if you have misplaced your keys or you are locked out, Sir locksalot locksmith northallerton can get you back inside your home or business without unnecessary damage to your property. We gain entry to your home or business premises by using non destructive entry techniques and the best quality locks on the market.

We can get to you fast and we cover all aspects of locksmith work. We provide anything from emergency entry to security surveys and we provide you with the highest craftsmanship.

Our locksmiths pride themselves on their customer service and always put the customer first. We always offer value for money without taking short cuts on our work. This among everything else that we offer and provide makes us the number one locksmith in Northallerton.

Going on Holiday. locksmith northallerton

Locksmith Northallerton would like to give you some security tips for when you go on holiday, there is nothing worse than coming home after having a fantastic holiday to find that you have been burgled.

Keep information about you going on holiday on a need to know basis. The more people you tell that you are going away, the more people will know nobody is in your home. It is quite easy for a burglar to tell who is in and who is not. Three quarters of burglaries happen when a house is empty. Try to make your home look as though it is occupied at all times. It is easy and quite quick to take a few simple precautions that will deter a burglar from gaining  into your home. A burglar likes to be in and out as quick as they can, so make as many barriers as you can to make them think twice about entering your home. The less attractive your home is to a thief the better! A really good tip before you go away is to make sure that your insurance policy is up to date, if anything goes wrong while you are away then your expenses will be covered.

  • Invest in a timer that will turn lights on and off. Do not leave them on all of the time because the burglar will know what you have done.
  • Ask a good neighbour or friend to go pick your mail up every day and even open and shut the curtains.
  • You can get in touch with Royal Mail and use their Keepsafe scheme . They will keep your letters until you get back home then deliver them.
  • Keep your tools locked away so they can not be used to break into your house.
  • Always mark your valuables with a marker, if the burglars sees that the items are security marked he is less likely to take them.

Garden Sheds and Outbuildings

More of us these days are using garden sheds, outbuildings and garages as an extension of our home. We do live in an age where we all have many gadgets, some of which are very expensive. We can store all sorts of things from our homes and offices in them, some people also use sheds as game rooms and even offices, gyms and bars!  Simply put, there is yet more property and belongings to steal from buildings that aren't generally equipped with the best security.

locksmith northallertonShed doors – thin 

If you have a small shed - a potting type shed, then most likely the door will be of the ledged and braced type of door.  They're not the best for security but there are ways you can make the shed more secure, you wont be able to fit a mortice lock.  This type of door should instead be locked with a hasp and staple with a secure padlock. For even extra security use coach bolts instead of screws and also make sure the hasp and staple is fitted the right way round, so that when the door is closed it will conceal the fixings. The hasp and staple should be fitted through the wooden frames and not through the tongue and groove boards. Another way of making the shed more secure is to fit a padbolt and secure it with coach bolts.

locksmith northallertonShed doors – thick

Larger and better quality sheds are more likely to be made with doors that are much thicker than the smaller potting types of shed. Because of their thicker timber they can be fitted with British standard mortice locks. To check if your security is up to standard just look for the British standard kitemark on the faceplate of the lock. If you do happen have thick double doors then you should install rack bolts into the top and bottom of the door frames.

You should always use a professional when adding extra security because these types of jobs can be tricky to fit without the professional knowledge and tools. All our workmanship and parts are guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Letterbox Cages

We at Sir locksalot locksmiths Northallerton know it can be tempting to leave a spare key hanging inside your door for family members or friends. We advise never to do this because you will be making it very easy for burglars to enter your home and steal your possessions.

Sir locksalot locksmiths Northallerton would also advise not to leave your key on a table or hung on the wall or anywhere close to  the front door.

We are making these suggestions because your letterbox is one of the first places that burglars may check before planning on gaining entry to your home. Some burglars actively carry long reach tools so they can pick up your keys if you happen to have left them in sight. Burglars like to work quickly and quietly so by not leaving your keys in sight or in reach you will make it much harder for them to gain entry to your home.

Letterbox cages make it much more difficult to break into your home through the methods we have talked about. The letterbox cages come in different sizes and finishes to suit your door.

Letterbox guards

Sir locksalot locksmith Northallerton supplies and fits letterbox guards, this security product actually stops the letterbox from opening all the way, this stops would be burglars reaching in with tools and also prevents them taking a look into your home.

If you would like more info on having a letterbox cage or guard fitted you can call Gavin anytime on 07958312149. He will be more than happy to help you with any questions.

Window Restrictors

Window restrictors can be utilised in may ways, we recommend them if you have children or pets. The restrictors can be locked in place to stop the window opening fully to prevent any accidents. The type we recommend come supplied with a locking mechanism and key for child safety. You can also keep your window open slightly to let fresh air into your room without worrying about being targeted by would be thieves. The restrictors come in differing finishes to match your decor. Call Sir locksalot locksmiths Northallerton now if you would like any more information or advise on your home security.

All our prices are fixed so the price we quote is the price you will pay.

Give Sir Locksalot locksmith Northallerton a call on 07368491224<       If you would like more tips about your home security while you are on holiday you can always give locksmith Northallerton a call and speak to Gavin 07958312149.